Sunday, April 11, 2010

The many benefits of raw honey

Honey is a wonderous product - particularly raw, untreated honey.

It has so many health benefits and I was reading some stories courtesy of Tricia's blogspot here.

There was a story on Catalyst on the ABC (a public television station here in Australia) - Catalyst is a science show - and they talked about how honey helps heal wounds here.

Which was very timely, because just last night I burnt my finger getting something out of the oven - I immediately put honey on it, then aloe vera, which I keep a pot of near the kitchen, just for such incidents.

And it worked, this morning I had to go looking for where the burn was and could barely see it, needless to say it doesn't hurt anymore either.

I use our honey on cuts too - being out in the garden a lot, I'm forever getting small cuts and grazes on my hands and applying raw honey to them heals it very quickly.

We also keep a small jar of raw honey in the propagation house too to use when we are planting up cuttings - dipping the end in the honey will prevent infection setting in. BELOW is a selection of plants taken from the garden ready to be propagated - and dipped in honey.

This is all focusing on the external application of honey, but don't forget the good honey does you when you eat it too.

You can see in the first image we have our home honey pot with honey comb in it too - this means there are a lot of bits n pieces floating in the honey - all good for you - propolis, pollen etc.

Now I've had someone asks about using honey to treat pollen allergies - they said they had tried it and it didn't work - but I'd suggest (and I'm not medically trained, it just makes sense to me) that you need to be eating fresh, local, raw honey to yield the benefits of treating allergies.

The theory is, if whatever is causing you grief with your allergies, if you can be eating honey with some of that particular type of pollen at that particular time of the year, you will reap the benefits.

So raw honey it is - we are endevouring to keep our product as close to natural as possible - unprocessed, untreated, no heating, just straining - all good.

What other uses do you have for honey?

The Novice Beekeeper


  1. Cooking! :)

    But the ability of honey to help heal wounds quickly is really amazing. Honey creates a moist environment through a solution that doesn't stick or damage the skin tissues. Plus,it helps the wound to heal faster by keeping it closed, clean and sterile.

    Manuka Honey is especially known for this.

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    Isaac Soares de Medeiros