Friday, October 23, 2009

Nucleus Hive arrives

Very excitied to find a note in the letterbox that I have a parcel at the post office to pick up.

Marked 'Beekeeping Equipment' I took the package home and unpacked
1 x Nucleus Hive
4 x new frames
4 x foundations (the wax that goes in the frames for the bees to start working on)
1 x smoker - went for the good stainless steel one
and 1 x belt so now the hand-driven extractor we scored at the dump works properly!

Next steps - undercoat and paint the box - in a light colour to help keep the bees cool, put the box together using strong wood glue, galv or stainless steel nails, find the perfect spot for it in our garden and get some bees.


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