Monday, October 12, 2009

Bargain find at the Tip Shop

We were lucky enough to hear about a great beekeeping find at the local tip shop. Like a lot of rubbish tips nowdays, there is a resource recovery shop attached, where saleable items are resold back into the community - this is where we found our treasure.

We called up to make sure it was still there and got them to put it on hold for us.

So - here's the bounty...
1 x hand driven two frame honey extractor (needs a good clean and a new drive belt)
2 x pairs of leather gloves (need new elastic in the sleeves)
1 x heavy duty hive tool
1 x normal hive tool
3 x veils to fit over hats
1 x capping bag to fit the extractor
1 x bee brush

All that for only $50!

To buy all this new, it would be over $800.

What a bargain, we're very happy with ourselves indeed.

And, we visited the local DPI beekeeping section and got hold of this book.

Next steps, a nucleus hive, a full beekeepers suit and a smoker.

And some bees of course!




  1. Hi Sonya,

    How fortuitous to find your page, given I'm just about to start keeping bees myself, down in Brisbane. Ironically, my parents live up on the Hinterland:P

    Where were you planning to get a Nuc from? I've found a list of Queen suppliers, but none for bees to accompany.

  2. Sonya,

    Don't you just love finding a bargain - especially a useful one.


    I have just bought a couple of nucleus hives from John Guilfoyle 3279 9750 at Inala. They are $75 + $20 deposit for the hive.