Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A winter solstic update

We'll its been a while between posts but things have been going well with our small apiary.

We still have four healthy hives - and we're still harvesting plenty of honey from them.

Just this month we harvested 30kgs from them and they quickly sold at our local markets on the weekend.

Collecting our frames in a sealed box is working a treat too - instead of taking them from the hives and placing them in a super in a wheelbarrow, we instead place them in a sealed plastic box. See the photo below.

This means we can get the frames inside the house with no bees on them and no chance of us being stung.

With the cold snap we've had, we added a layer of polysterene over our native bee hive to keep them warmer and we've also reduced the size of the entrance of our honey bee hives to keep some of the warmth in too.

Happy beekeeping,


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