Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Latest developments

I'm still very much on the steep learning curve of beekeeping - I guess like most things, you never stop learning about it. Today I rang the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries to talk to the local apiarist. He put me onto some local resources including the local amateur beekeeping group based in Eumundi.

He also told me about the 'Bee Book' - a book about keeping bees relevant to the subtropics and explained that when we have hives and they are registered with DPI, we'll be notified about upcoming workshops.

He put me onto Queen Bee breeders and a person in Gympie who does local shows with bee displays.

The Beginners' Guide to backyard beekeeping workshop I've organised for September is booked out - just through word of mouth so hopefully we'll have more workshops in the near future.
Interest in backyard beekeeping is growing - which is great to hear.

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